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Sin Sentido

Estreno Agosto 2023

MEDIAMEL is a boutique production company specialized in the development of film projects and series of high artistic and commercial value.  


We are a group of authors, directors and producers imagining content that transcends borders and screens.  


We focus our creativity on the creation of gender concepts and we produce with dynamic schemes, generating specific alliances according to the needs of each project.    

We dream, we write, we finance and we execute. And this is just the beginning…  

Amor Sin Sentido

Amor Sin Sentido, a film produced by Marvista and Amazing Films and co-written and directed by Gastón Margolin (content director at MEDIAMEL), recently finished it's shooting in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay. Starring Violeta Urtizberea, Matías Mayer and Andrea Frigerio, the film will have its premiere through VIX+, in August 2023.



Film by renowned director Lisandro Alonso, starring Viggo Mortensen and Clara Mastroianni, had its world premiere in the Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival with the participation of MEDIAMEL as associated producer.

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